Software Engineer and Entrepreneur

I have more than a decade of experience in the software industry. I have designed and worked in on all phases of the development cycle, requirements, design, construction, quality assurance, working on the construction of new products and also maintaining established ones. I have done it for several platforms, like desktop, web, hardware integration and mainframes. I worked for companies and also co-founded my own. I love technology, automation, and entrepreneurship.

My specialty is software, and having working as CTO in the companies I co-founded, I realized my old dream of conducting the ship being an entrepreneur. I had succeeded. It also brought me experiences in many areas. I loved it. I invested my personal time in learning how to be a good leader, delegate, give people autonomy, create a meaningful work to people, give regular feedbacks, take good and fast decisions, start small and learn fast, automate as much as possible, etc. I worked very hard and I have a lot of fun at same time. I saw the results of the experiences and every decision we have done. I loved that so much that I never felt tired.

Besides work, I like sports (surfing, snowboarding and swimming), books, movies, photography, nature, travel and, foremost, staying with family and friends.

What I have been using

I will not list a lot acronymns here just because I have used it but I want to mention some I have liked to work with: